"As a newcomer to Indianapolis, the European Beer Mile tour was such a great experience! I had the chance to visit 5 pubs and breweries that I had not been to before, and I made some new friends. I especially enjoyed getting to know some of the local business owners that were very enthusiastic about Indy and their businesses. It's fun to learn about how much this city has been influenced by international residents and travelers! Amy was very knowledgeable about the city as well as the history of beer. I also love that Amy can customize a tour experience based on your interests."
"Going on the European Beer Mile tour was an eye opening experience. Having lived in Indianapolis for nine years, I thought I had experienced the best that the city had to offer in terms of European culture. It was a great surprise to find the local establishments that serve amazing European beer at amazing prices (just like Europe!) Thanks to Amy Beers I also learned a lot about different beers and dishes that I normally wouldn't have tried. I highly recommend the European Tour for anyone who loves to try new European style beers right here in Indianapolis."

“It’s great to have a wonderful tour guide to provide many options for the different aspects of our trip to Indianapolis! From hotels, to entertainment ranging from festivals, to museums, to some of the best dining experiences. Best service I have had in a long time!!!”