Indy's European Beer Mile: Self-Guided Audio Tour

Indy's European Beer Mile: Self-Guided Audio Tour


Take a stroll down Indy's cultural trail where you are just steps away from a cozy English pub, a lively Irish watering hole, and an award-winning German biergarten.

During this self-guided walkable tour, you'll learn a brief history of beer, sample and learn about European beer styles, discover the city's European influences, and pick up some fun facts to impress your friends!  

Experience a taste of Europe in Indianapolis. Download the tour today!

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What the tour includes:                   

1. Maps & clickable links to Google Maps for directions to five (5) venues.

2. Audio Guide (mobile device & headphones recommended)

3. Beer & food recommendations

Tour length: one mile walkable tour
Approximate time: 3-4 hours
(Plan to spend 30-45 minutes at each location)
Location: Mass Ave District in Indianapolis

*Requires ePUB 3.0 reader.  Works on most iPhones.  For Android users: download the Gitden app.

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Amy Beers (yes, that's her real name!) ...happens to love beer.  She also loves to travel and has been to the Beer Capital of the World in the Czech Republic.  As a travel and beer enthusiast, as well as a long-time resident of Indianapolis and former host of Indy’s top televised TV guide, Miss Beers is thrilled to guide you along Indy's European Beer Mile!

Na zdraví!!!  (...that's "cheers" in Czech)