Drinking with Beers, Beer Tour

Indy Beer Mile

Try something new in Indy’s trendiest district. Discover the cultural heritage and history of Mass Ave while tasting different European beer styles; including our favorite German, Scottish, Irish, and Belgian beers! Food included!


  • Stops at 4 local establishments

  • Tour of the historic Athenaeum and the traditional German Biergarten

  • Generous beer samples + education

  • Small plates of food at each stop

  • Neighborhood points of interest

  • Souvenir photo

Explore the local scene with your personal, beer-savvy tour guide.


"The Indy Beer Mile tour was an eye opening experience. Having lived in Indianapolis for nine years...it was a great surprise to find the local establishments that serve amazing European beer! Thanks to Amy Beers I also learned a lot about different beers and dishes that I normally wouldn't have tried. I highly recommend the Indy Beer Mile for anyone who loves to try new European style beers right here in Indianapolis." - Laura H.

"As a newcomer to Indianapolis, the Indy Beer Mile tour was such a great experience! I had the chance to visit 5 pubs and breweries that I had not been to before. It's fun to learn about how much this city has been influenced by international residents and travelers! Amy was very knowledgeable about the city as well as the history of beer. I also love that Amy can customize a tour experience based on your interests." - Ashley E.

Great for business meetings!

My company and I just conducted a very successful business meeting with one of our biggest customers courtesy of Amy Beers who led us through Indy Beer Mile. As an alternative to “just dinner”, this tour promotes shared interests in a surprisingly productive setting! - Katelyn M.