Lunch Break Like a Boss

sushi boss

Do you ever sit in your office at work, staring wistfully out the window, dreaming of the day when you get to be the boss? 

What if I told you, you can make that dream come true during your lunch break? Yes!? Do I have your attention? Here’s how:

Head on over to Sushi Boss during your lunch break …where you get to be the boss!  At Sushi Boss, you get to create your very own custom sushi roll!  You design, they roll.

Design your roll in four easy steps:

  1. Choose your wrap.
  2. Add your protein: you can choose cooked or raw…or go vegetarian! 
  3. Select your fresh produce.
  4. Top if off with sauce and toppings. (I recommend their signature BOSS Sauce!)

Or, you can choose from their signature rolls and ask to have it modified (if you wish). You can be as picky as you want! Then, stand back and watch the magic happen.

All of the fresh ingredients at Sushi Boss are of top quality. …(And, here’s a little insider trick I learned: because each roll contains about 10-12 sushi pieces, you can ask to do a half and half. So you could order half Crunchy Roll and the other half California Roll. Yay!)

Sushi Boss is also a great option for your lunch break because it’s a quick-service style restaurant AND it’s a healthier alternative to a typical fast food joint.

They are located downtown at 803 West 10th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202 AND they just opened up a NEW LOCATION on the Northside of Indy at Keystone Crossing: 3349 E 86th St. Indianapolis,IN 46240.

Say "Hi" to Van and his wife Dawt at the new location. They are both Sushi Chefs with many years of experience and are the people (pictured right or below) who made my roll. I ordered "The OMG Roll" on special: shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, topped with crab, Boss sauce, eel sauce, and sesame seeds. It was amazzzzing! (If it's not on the menu when you get there...just ask for it!) 


Want to learn more about Sushi? Take my Taste of Asia Food Tour in Indianapolis! Choose from the self-guided option or hire a tour guide!

sushi boss