Stepping Into the UnKnown

Its not the big bad world that many people think it is.  Most people want to help.  So just go and figure it out.  And, yeah … you don’t know what’s going to happen, but thats the excitement.  That’s why you go.  And you never know what you’re going to learn.
— Brian McClure

Maybe the next time I take a solo trip to the other side of the world … I won’t tell anyone.

My first trip overseas met with mixed reactions from friends and family.  Some became excited for me, others thought I was plunging to my grave.  Mainly because I’m a girl (well…a grown adult woman) and I was going alone.  I’ve always had an adventurous spirit and it surprised me how negatively some people responded.  They were afraid for me.  Some responses included ideas about a place based on little information and maybe a dash of influence from exaggerated Hollywood fiction.  

I went anyway, because I’m strong-willed like that.  

I get it, people care. The unknown is scary.  But guess what happens when we reach for the places outside our comfort zone?  We stretch, we grow, and we evolve.  (Please just don’t be stupid; use common sense, always be aware of your surroundings, and don’t accept that drink at the bar from the nice man you just met! … And do some research before your trip! Check out this government site for travel warnings and advisories before you go). 

So the next time I plan a solo trip overseas, I won’t tell anyone.

That’s exactly what Brian McClure did when he decided to connect with his Irish heritage.  He just boarded the plane and went.

If you don’t know Brian he’s the talented fiddler in the Indianapolis-based Scottish-Celtic band, Highland Reign. They play regularly at Nine Irish Brothers on Mass Ave.  (You should go have a Guinness and listen to them.)

As I was saying…

After graduating college, Brian just took a step onto a plane without telling a soul he was leaving to live and be a street performer in Ireland for several months.  He didn’t even have a plan!  Actually…I take that back; he did have a plan…for the first night.  And guess what’s even crazier!?? … he didn’t have any money!

WHAT!? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!? (…is what you’re thinking, right?)

“I knew I had to go and I tried not to think about it …about the what ifs,” says Brian.

Want to know how he did it …and survived???  

Watch this video.