The Legacy of Indy’s Patties of Jamaica

Patties of Jamaica has famously been serving up authentic Jamaican patties in Indianapolis and challenging stereotypes since 1981. New customers first arriving to Patties of Jamaica often secretly wonder the same thing: “Why are Asians making my Jamaican food and calling it authentic?” That’s because, get ready for it…they are Jamaican. I know, it took me a second too. We often make assumptions based on a person’s appearance and it’s good to remind ourselves that things aren’t always as we think them to be!

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Ahead of the Trend: A Peek Inside Indy’s Temaki House

Five years ago, Alan had a dream to bring his favorite dish of temaki to his friends in the United States. Alan was visiting from his home in Brazil while working at a summer camp on Virginia Beach. One day he suggested to his friends that they go out to eat for temaki. 

“You have to try this!” he exclaimed to his friends who were also working at the camp. 

His American friends had no idea what

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Vietnam with Mom

The sun had just set beneath the majestic islands of Ha Long Bay.  Mom and I walked through the streets of this peaceful little town in search of a nice dinner.  The smell of sweet jasmine rice and fresh fish floated through the warm salty air.  It was the last night of our adventure together in Vietnam; starting with Saigon in the south, up to the small village of Tuy Hoa, a quick stop in Na Trang, then to the north to the popular city of Hanoi, over to the beautiful valley of Sapa, and finally ending at one of the seven natural wonders of the world!   

We passed a few

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Indy's Carnaval Brazil

Growing up experiencing Indiana’s frigidly cold winters, you’ll know that escaping to warmer climates is usually on the top of everyone’s to-do list…or at least on a wish-list. And with Fat Tuesday Celebrations happening all around the world, I’ve been dreaming about the famous Carnaval Brazil party in Rio de Janeiro with it’s lavish parties, colorful costumes, vibrant music, and beautiful dancers dancing to sexy samba beats in a lush, tropical atmosphere. 

Luckily, every year Cultural Cannibals hosts their own...

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Elephant Dreams

There I sat in the middle of the Asian jungle, in the middle of a small river bed, allowing a stream of water to wash away the mud in-between my fingers and toes. The sun gently warmed my face as I cooled off in the stream, soaking in the beautiful nature that surrounded me at the Elephant Park Sanctuary in Chiang Mai.  

I was sharing this experience with a group of ...

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The Greek Islands of Indianapolis: More Than a Restaurant

"Everything for us Greeks takes place around the dinner table. The breaking of bread is one of the most important things you can do with somebody …food strengthens and represents the three most important things to us Greeks: God, family, and country." - George Stergiopoulos

OPA!  There are many things in life worth celebrating: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, or maybe, despite having several odds stacked against you, made your dream of opening a Greek restaurant become a reality. 

Decades ago, Elias moved his family to Indianapolis with ...



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