The Greek Islands of Indianapolis: More Than a Restaurant

"Everything for us Greeks takes place around the dinner table. The breaking of bread is one of the most important things you can do with somebody …food strengthens and represents the three most important things to us Greeks: God, family, and country." - George Stergiopoulos

OPA!  There are many things in life worth celebrating: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, or maybe, despite having several odds stacked against you, made your dream of opening a Greek restaurant become a reality. 

Decades ago, Elias moved his family to Indianapolis with ...



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Reason for Art

"Asking a scientist a reason for art is tricky because my brain is trying to give you analytical and my heart is saying, ‘No, don’t cut it open." - Madhu

Some things in life aren’t meant to be explained, nor do they need to have a reason.  Some things are just meant to be felt with the heart. While there is scientific explanation for the aesthetics of color on the brain; how colors, shapes, and patterns can make your mind feel a certain way, neuroscientist/artist, Madhuchhanda Mandal (or, Madhu, for short) paints simply for ...

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Living Outside the Box: Indy's Greatest Hibachi Chef

Victor isn’t your typical Parisian-born, turned hibachi chef, culinary artist.  While most of us find ourselves living up to the status quo, every so often you come across a brave soul who stepped outside of society’s box of expectations, and like Victor, hibachi-d their way to carve their own path - so to speak.  

When he was ten-years-old, Victor’s parents moved from Paris to Plainfield to take over their friend’s ...

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The Stranger Next Door

Curiously glancing out the kitchen window of my one-bedroom apartment in Indianapolis, just on the outskirts of downtown; I wondered who it was that might live next door.  A batch of chocolate chip cookies warmly came out of the oven on this wintery night, filling the room with a comforting smell I remember from childhood.  I thought about sharing with my neighbor…but what if they were unwelcoming?  

Days passed.  The remaining cookies became stale and sadly, I threw them out.  

Turns out ...

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Not as it Seams: Beyond the Veil with Indianapolis Fashion Designer, Berny Martin

“You can’t run away from who you are forever….eventually you’ll have to come back,” were the words spoken to Berny Martin while taking time off in London after his first failed attempt at a fashion show in Indianapolis.  

Not giving up on what you stand for was the attitude embedded in him during his teenage years in Brooklyn, New York.  After moving to Indianapolis for college studies, Berny became “the best joke ever” - as he describes - among his friends still living in Brooklyn.  He challenged them to come see Indy for themselves.  

His friends were surprised and shocked by ...

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My Story: The Other Side

It smelled like fresh dirt on a hot summer’s day. Poised with shovel in hand, this little, shy but determined, small-town girl from Indiana wasn’t going to let anything stop her from digging a hole to China. At nine years old and already three feet deep, I felt it was a good start toward my dreams of traveling the world. Exhausted, I must have fallen asleep that night watching “Alice in Wonderland” and ironically dreamt I had slipped down the rabbit hole.  

Darkness met me with a rush of adrenaline thrusting my body through space. Down, down, down or maybe it was up, up, up I went at a gradually slowing pace, floating in an unusual direction and noticing a ...

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